The rules of bingo are very simple and allow beginners to enter the game quickly. Bingo belongs to the same lottery family and is played by many people around the world.

In Bingo, each player buys one or more game grids for a set prize, grades these calls also of cards, displaying a certain amount of numbers. Of course, all grids are unique. Then, on the other side of the room, a person called a “drawer” randomly takes the numbers and announces them to the assistant. Every time a number drawn corresponds to a number of its grid, the player marks it. To win, it is necessary that your grid be completely marked or at least a part of it defined before the beginning of the game (according to the existing bingo modalities). The winner announces that all their numbers have been marked by shouting “Bingo!”

Let’s get back to Bingo rules in detail

The most played bingo is the coverall, in which all player’s personal grid numbers must be marked to win. There are modalities like those that give victory to the player who can mark a symbol or a pre-established game model before the game. For example, a horizontal or vertical line of numbers within the grid may be the winner.

In online bingo there is no physical number drawer. It is a table that shows the numbers as they come out. This table also tells you about the winning game template, the symbol or the particular combination to be marked on the card. Before each game, familiarize yourself with this table.


It is said that, during the 1929 crisis, a toy salesman from Atlanta (Georgia, USA), named Edwin Lowe, watched a game of “BEANO”. During this game meeting, a player cheated and shouted “BINGO” to inform his win to the other players. This anecdote has since been passed by word of mouth and has definitely become the name of this famous game in “BINGO”.

Bingo rules with 75 balls

The urn of this bingo contains 75 listed balls. Online, is symbolized by a table composed of 5 columns of 15 numbers. Each column receives a letter from the word B-I-N-G-O.

The grids of the players, called “cartellas” online, have 25 houses listed (5 columns and 5 rows). In this card a letter of the word Bingo is also attributed to each column.

In the table “urn” is informed the combination of numbers that must be obtained to win.



Victory will be given to one who has completed the combination before the others.

You’ll also find, in many applications, progressive jackpots, large sums of money powered by the set of players, which you can win according to the modality set in advance. For example, if the last number with which you complete your grid is 17, or if you get a certain amount of numbers in a certain time interval.

Bingo rules with 90 balls

The urn or table of this bingo contains 90 balls listed. The tickets are called tickets here. A ticket consists of 9 columns and 3 lines. It is called a ticket a set of 6 tickets.

The 90 numbers of the urn are divided into these 6 tickets as follows: each row has 5 numbers. A ticket has 15 numbers, therefore.

You can decide to play a whole card (6 tickets) or a lower number of tickets, of your choice.
In 90-ball bingo, the winner will be the first to have one, two, or three lines of numbers marked on a ticket. The gain will be higher depending on the number of lines marked on the ticket.

There is also a cake or jackpot here. Often these accumulate until a player obtains “bingo” (3 lines of a ticket) with a limited and fixed number of balls taken at random.