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Why should you invest in football?

Many people do not know the sports trading and confuse this market with online betting. Little do they know they can make money from the comfort of their home. So if I tell you that today you can learn how to profit from trading in football through BET365.

This is the largest sports bag in the world, which has a revolutionary investment system, different from sports betting, I will explain better:

Bet x Trading Sport

For you to place an online bet you must invest in a certain team or result, cross your fingers and wait for the end of the game. In this case, if your bet is the winner, you have a certain profit, which is variable according to your difficulty in the hit. That is, if there is a very favorite team against a “zebra”, you can bet on the favorite and he will win, thus having a small profit, which can be, say, 30% in relation to your investment. If the team you bet is not the favorite, your profit will be higher, which may be 40% or 50%, for example. If a “zebra” wins, your profit can be between 200% or 250% in relation to your investment. The big problem with this type of application will vary according to your luck.

In trading, through the revolutionary system of BET365, you can buy and sell bets throughout the game, which is the main differential of this type of market.

For example, if a certain game is tied and you believe that there will be no goals within the next 2 minutes, you can buy the probability that the game ends tied and sell your bet 02 minutes after the purchase, with a small percentage of profit can be, for example, 3%, it is possible to redo this same operation several times throughout the game, investing only when you are sure of a certain event, and apply your money safely, without depending on luck. Cool, is not it?

But if bets are made against other people, how does BETFAIR make money?


The sports bag only wins if you win. Therefore, it charges a small percentage on top of its profit, also known as brokerage. If you do not make a profit, you will not have to pay anything. This percentage varies from 2% to 5% over profit, and decreases over time, depending on your financial transactions.

That is, the more you invest, the less commission you pay. It is no coincidence that the translation of the name of the house is a fair bet, and it also has this meaning for another reason: remember, at the beginning of this text, that we quote a potential profit of 30%? In the sports purse, your profit would be at least 32% net (brokerage already discounted) because your bet was placed against another person, and the house does not need to fit a safety margin, called? Overbook “, which is a higher value charged by traditional bookmakers because of the risks they run.

As the aforementioned stock exchange has no risk of loss, since its investment is made against another person, its profit is greater.

Bet365 has a different investment system, and many people get confused at first, but after two or three days you’re already fully adapted (and probably passionate about the platform).

10 Tips To Succeed In Sports Betting?

There are fundamental rules that every bettor must follow to succeed in long-term betting. These are tips we must always remember so that we do not lose focus and are aware of our goal. If possible, print out these tips and put them on your wall until you decorate them all.

Tip 01: Never bet more than you can lose

This is, in our opinion, the most important rule to follow! Never compromise a large amount of your betting budget! Never! This is a rule that may seem obvious, but many people insist on ignoring it, and it is these people who end up being the protagonists of the bad stories we hear about gambling.

Betting money that would be used to pay for the car’s installment or the phone bill will prompt you to analyze the risk involved in a bet in an unclear way, for fear of losing, which leads you to act irrationally, to change the their bet in search of more security, losing value.

The money maker should not miss you. It is an amount that we must be prepared to lose, and if this happens, at least it will have paid for the thrill and adrenaline. After all, as we said earlier in this ebook, cheering on a game that you bet is a lot more exciting. The sport is and should provide fun.

Tip 02: No guaranteed bets

In our life only death is certain. Besides, we are not absolutely sure of anything! Betting is the same thing. As unlikely as an event in a game can happen, there is always a possibility that it actually occurs.

The probability of a club like Barcelona losing to the last placed in the league is very low, but it will never be impossible! That is, even if a bet seems “guaranteed”, we are not sure of that, so it is not justified to bet all our bank at once. If the bet is almost certain, the quote for it will be very low, and will not justify the risk of the investment.

Tip 03: Do not bet on something you do not know

When we start betting, we are taken by the adrenaline and when we start to make money, we want more and more. However, it is not always that there are games of the competitions in which we are specialized, which makes us want to bet on anything that is available.

It could be the English championship of the third division, a tennis challenger, the university league of the nba, in short, some sport that does not dominate. We think that we just apply the usual strategy that we use in these events and we will profit as well. Ledo mistake. This is because if you are not tuned to the specifics of this game, your analysis will be impaired, because it will fail in some question. As much as you look at the championship table and stats, you certainly will not have information on recent casualties, as well as team formation, among other factors.

Imagine betting on a tennis player who is clearly better ranked and who has beaten his opponent the 4 times they have already faced each other, but without knowing that in the last game that same player played for 5 hours, had cramps and asked for medical attention. Near to get injured, he is a strong candidate to lose or to abandon the next match.

The behind-the-scenes information only appears to those who go deep into a particular sport and competition, and often this news alone can set a bet. I even bet against the nadal after he reported that he had an appendix. Since he was in Asia, I figured he would want to go home as soon as possible to deal with it. I can not even remember who the other tennis player was, that did not matter. The main factor was that Spanish did not
he was able to play with anyone. Said and done, I won a bet with a quote of almost 7 to 1!

Tip 04: Do not let a negative sequence blow you away

You made the correct bet prognosis, analyzed the teams’ form, the history of clashes, the injuries, all of a sudden. Then you make a bet, you’re confident that you’re going to hit and then … lose!

If this happens, do not be discouraged! For it is the uncertainty, the surprises and mishaps that make sport and betting are exciting. Sometimes the situation may be bad for us in the short term, but if we stay focused, doing good analysis, doing banking management, we will always be winners in the long run. If you follow a good betting program, these zebras will not affect your bankroll’s gross.

Just as you will lose bets at the last minute, you will win others as well. Condition your brain to remember both, as we always tend to lessen the importance of the luck factor on our winning bets, and to maximize the value of chance on the bets we lose.

Also, be rational as your losses. It is not always wrong, it will have been unlucky. Review your bet and see if it really was a good bet. A critical look at your work will make you evolve as a bettor.

Tip 05 – Keep track of your bets

If you have an account at more than one bookmaker, which is highly recommended, keeping a record of all your bets is essential. If you use only one, this registration will be easy to maintain, since you will only have access to your private area in the house. However, if you use more than one home things can become confusing.

The best in this situation is to make a record in a worksheet. It does not have to be anything too elaborate, but enough to know what bets you made, on what date, with what values, with what odds and what the result. A process as simple as this will be extremely helpful in figuring out what you are doing right, and where you are going wrong.

Tip 06 – Do not Bet With the Heart

Not betting with the heart does not mean not betting on your favorite team or athlete. What you should avoid to the maximum is that the emotional aspect overrides the rational aspect, overvaluing your passion and increasing the chances of your favorites to win.

Many people because of this avoid betting on their heart team, but I consider the team’s supporter the best person to chart his real chances of starting. After all, the passionate fan is inside all the events of the club, training, recent history, casualties, problems, adversary, in short, all the analyzes that we strive to make of all teams, we do with our own.

So if you’re a rational bettor, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly the best bet on your favorite’s game, even if it means going against it.




Tip 07 – Be Flexible

In addition to the most varied sporting events, there are also various forms of betting, modalities, types of bets such as live, multiple, dnb, over / under, etc … because of this, do not attach to the most popular, you see. If you are interested in another, do not give up if you start failing. Start in a more guarded way until you get it right

Tip 08 – Look for Value in Your Bet

Bets with very high or low odds are rarely good options. Although in the short term they can bring satisfaction and a good result, in the long run the value of these bets is almost nil. Likewise, if the financial return is too low or too high for the risk that the bet presents, you should think twice before making that bet. Analyze coldly and calculus the risks involved before betting.

A value bet is one that is more likely to happen than the houses define, or a bet with a fair price after having done your analysis of the event, ensuring that there are good chances of it happening.

Tip 09 – Have a strategy

Draw in advance the sports and games you will bet, how much you want to invest in each, in which odd maximum you will bet, whether you will make multiple, just simple, aposts systemma; if it is going to extract the profits or increase the value of the units, etc …

If you have plans, instinctively your brain directs you to achieve those goals. So set and highlight.

Tip 10 – Have fun with the bets!

Again, as I said at the beginning, regardless of whether or not you had a profit, betting should always be a reason for fun. If betting has increased your stress, leaving you worried in a bad mood, disrupting your finances and partner relationships, then stop!

Do not let what should be entertainment become something harmful.

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